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Beck's Christmas Trees is a choose and cut Christmas tree farm in scenic Northeastern Pennsylvania. We have a wide variety of trees to choose from including Blue Spruce, Douglas fir, Concolor fir, and Fraser fir, as well as exotic firs and hybrid firs. Trees are available in all sizes up to 16 feet. 

Owner, Dave Beck, is very involved in tree genetics and is working to produce the "perfect Christmas tree" by hybridizing exotic species that have favorable characteristics for what our customers want in a Christmas tree. 

What is Choose and Cut?


Choose and cut is where you, the customer, come to our farm and choose your tree and cut it down yourself. As a full service tree farm, we will provide you a saw to use, bale your tree, and drill it for free. Drilled trees require a pin type stand. 



Christmas Junction


Our barn, Christmas Junction, is located on Rt. 611 and has a variety of fresh, homemade wreaths (decorated and undecorated) in many sizes and types of greenery. Custom decorating is also available. In addition to wreaths we also have fresh garland, ornaments, t-shirts, and some railroad themed gifts

Our Vision

Our farm was started by my father, Claude Beck, in 1949. Claude was a school teacher and grew trees part time. He passed away in 1982, and since then it has been a full time endeavor for me. 

Culturally, we practice integrated pest management to minimize the use of commercial pesticides. For example, to encourage the presence of beneficial insects, we use very little, if any, herbicides, which provides an attractive, vegitative home for them between the rows of trees. However, we do use pesticides when necessary. It is important to note that today's pesticides, although equally as effective as their predecessors, are designed to break down or become inert within 10 days of their application, which coincides with bud break in the spring. 

We have always tried to grow trees that are popular and have the best needle retention. In the last 20 years emphasis has been on establishing our own brand of Christmas trees unique to our farm. The qualities we seek to improve upon are stronger branches to hold heavier ornaments, needle retention, better form, and late bud break (early bud breaking trees are susceptable to late spring frosts). 

We are a full service choose and cut Christmas tree farm, offering mechanical baling and tree drilling for peg tee stands. Saws are provided to cut your tree and we are open every day starting the day after Thanksgiving as long as supplies last. 


Dave Beck, owner


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