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Unfortunately, in an effort to make sure we have a good selection of trees for next year, Beck's will be closed for the season at the close of business on Monday, December 7, 2020. We appreciate your business and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year. See you in 2021!

       *******During this time of Covid 19, we will rely on our customers to be socially distant in the field. Wipes and hand sanitizer will be available for saws. While standing in line to pay or get your tree baled, and around the caboose, out of respect for other people, we ask that you wear a mask and keep 6' away from others.   Because of the virus, if you have a saw, bring it.*********

     There is a place, a sanctuary, in the hills of Eastern Pennsylvania, where spruce, exotics, fir, and their hybrid cousins peacefully co-exist without governance. It's called Beck's Christmas Trees. 

Collecting Christmas Tree
Types of Christmas Trees

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Our Services


* We offer free baling and tree drilling.


* Saws are provided to cut your own Christmas tree. 


* Wreaths and garland are available in our barn, "Christmas Junction".


*We also offer a selection of ornaments and railroad themed gifts.


*We encourage large tailgating parties to call ahead and make arrangements for special parking. 

How to Beat the Covid Blues

To our loyal customers:


Pa. Governor Wolf recently started asking residents of Pa. and NJ to limit travel between both states to work and medical purposes only, however these restrictions put more strain on everyone’s mental well being which is already overtaxed by months of isolation.  


It is against this dire news that I am glad to report that there is a doctor in PA that specializes in treating the symptoms of this medical condition.  Dr. Beck is XMAS Board Certified, welcomes back existing patients and is currently accepting new patients.  Dr. Beck uses a novel approach that involves evergreen trees and a unique therapy of walking through fields of evergreens to select a tree that has aesthetics that match the patient’s (or patient’s families) genetic code.  For this therapy to be successful it is very important that these parameters match otherwise additional anxiety will result. 


Dr. Beck allows patients to remove the evergreens from his property for the modest sums of $55.00 and $40.00 (tax included) per tree.  Patients are encouraged to bring their own saws and also to bring exact dollar amounts to minimize exposure to any unwanted microbes.  The therapy continues for several weeks as the evergreen tree is displayed in the patient’s home.

Peer reviewed studies overwhelmingly show the effectiveness of this unique evergreen therapy that Dr. Beck has devised.


To limit any exposure to unwanted microbes Dr. Beck asks patients (out of respect for other patients) to wear a mask when in the vicinity of the caboose laboratory.  For added safety laboratory personnel monitor their blood oxygen saturation levels on a daily basis.


A recent study concluded that the probability of contracting an unwanted  airborne infection goes up by 17X by dining inside vs. outside.  It is in an outdoor setting (30 acre area) where patients receive the evergreen therapy by Dr. Beck, therefore the risk of any kind of respiratory microbe exposure appears to be very minimal.


The medical complex also houses an outdoor wreath laboratory which uses a variant of the evergreen therapy.  Dr. Lynn (XMAS Board Certified) administers the therapy to patients via wreaths, garland, kissing balls and evergreen bundles.


All medical consultations are free.  Have a Merry Christmas.


Dave Beck